Answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions about Endorsement®.


What is involved in theEndorsement® process?
How do I ask for help while completing the Endorsement® process?
How long does it take to apply for Endorsement®?
How much does Endorsement® cost?
What happens after I submit my Endorsement® application?
What is the value of a Competency-Based System of Endorsement®?
What benefit is there if I've earned a certificate in infant mental health?

Reflective Supervision / Consultation

What are the requirements for reflective supervision/consultation (RS/C) at each level?
Am I only able to list supervisors who were formally trained in reflective supervision?
How do I count case consultation?
Should I include all sources of reflective supervision/consultation (RS/C) (i.e. former supervisor, current supervisor, program consultant, etc.)?
I have a co-worker who has earned Endorsement® as an Infant Mental Health Specialist (III). Can he provide the hours of reflective supervision I need for Endorsement®?

Specialized In-Service Training

I have attended well over 30 hours of in-service training; should I submit every in-service training I’ve ever attended?
How do I know when my EASy application demonstrates enough to show a competency area has been met?
How far back can I go when including trainings that meet criteria for Endorsement®?
Are only AimEarlyIdaho sponsored trainings eligible for Endorsement®?
Are there any in-service trainings, conferences or courses that are mandatory while working toward Endorsement®?
I heard from a colleague that I could count only one conference in my Endorsement® application; is that true?

Specialized Work Experience

What is the difference between the specialized work experiences that meet criteria for Infant
Family Specialist (II) and Infant Mental Health Specialist (III)?
I am Bachelor's prepared and work in an infant/toddler classroom. I receive reflective supervision regarding the infants/toddlers and their families. Do I qualify for Infant Family Specialist (II)?
How many infants or toddlers do I need to work with to meet the specialized work criteria?

The Endorsement® Exam

What is the format of the exam?
What primary topics are covered in the multiple-choice portion of the test?
How should I study for the exam?
Suggested Exam Resources
What happens if I do not pass the exam?

Annual Renewal of Endorsement®

How do I keep my Endorsement® current?


I can't find my endorsement certificate. How do I go about requesting a new one?

Using the IMH-E® Mark

How do I indicate that I have earned the AimEarlyIdaho Endorsement®?

Specialized Work Experience